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What could be Right Method to Load Plain Paper/Photo Paper in Canon Printer?

Printers are typically very sensitive in nature because it works with a combination of a lot of theories. The lights, reflection and all the technicalities which go into printing a page need to be taken care of. Canon being one of the finest printer manufacturers, they ensure that they provide every single part of printer precisely for your device. Thus, users also need to do their duty by using the right methods to use their printers.

How to Solve a Print Head Error on Canon Printer?

When the light indicated print head error on the machine, then the prints you get are of not good output. To rectify this issue, you need to perform some steps. The steps are as follows: 1. Verify the Alarm/Power light and count the number of time it’s blinking to verify if there is a print head error.

How to Delete the Canon Drivers form the Registry and Install them again

Have your canon printer stopped working even after reinstalling the drivers via device? If it is so, then you might need to delete its drivers from the registry and reinstall it again. Registry section comprises the information of Microsoft window uses or determining how to configure the computer operating system. Furthermore, it comprises the information about the location, version, date and other critical information about its manufacturer.

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